Business Trunk (SIP Trunk Service)​

Business Trunk service from Salam is a SIP trunk (Session Initiation Protocol) service that enables businesses with existing IP or legacy PBX systems to use Voice over IP for their external calls.

Operated by high skilled and trained engineers focusing on monitoring and management of your systems and devices through Salam’s Saudi local Next Generation SOC (NG-SOC) facility.

Packages Package-10 Package-100
No. of Channels 10 100
No. of Landlines 30 500
Monthly Subscription fee 2,645.00 SAR 8,050.00 SAR
Setup fee (Fiber) * 3,450.00 SAR

For Microwave last mile it depends upon feasibility

* The above prices include 15% VAT.

Call Rates (Salam uses Charging Pulse Per Second)
On-Net Calls Unlimited
Off-Net Calls 0.0575 SR/min
Mobile 0.2875 SR/min
UAN (9200) 0.23 SR/min
International Calls Floor Rate (International rates are available)
Call Rates (Salam uses Charging Pulse Per Minutes)
Bundle 10K
2K National
8K Mobile
Bundle 50K
10K National
40K Mobile
Bundle 100K
20K National
80K Mobile
MRC (SAR) 1,725 5,750 10,350

* Calls to 9200 Numbers are included in Bundled packages.

* The above prices include 15% VAT.

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International Call Rates

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