Business Care

We are a partner who cares.

Business Care

Salam support services are provided through multiple departments within Salam operations this support group is committed to deliver high quality customer service and technical solutions for Salam customers. To ensure quality support provided, Salam support team provides Salam Customers with this Standard Support Procedure (SSP) outlining specific services and responsibilities related to the support of Salam services.

What else Salam can offer?

Salam Network Operations Center and technical support staff offer customers individualized support for their business-critical solutions and provide network monitoring 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Complaint Processing Procedures


Salam Contact Center

On call 24x7x365

  • A powerful round-the-clock single point- of-contact for all Salam customers
  • Equipped with the latest tools to manage customer relationships
  • Highly qualified, highly trained service professionals
  • Complete commercial and technical support on the spot
  • Access multi-channel support

Service Level Agreement

Salam was the 1st service provider in the Kingdom to offer SLA with full commitment about the following:

  • Competitive network / sites availability
  • Guaranteed network throughput & packet loss
  • Guaranteed international latency
  • Salam support program, Problem resolution & Escalation matrix
  • Maximum Time to FIX (MTTF) per problem severity
  • Rebates

Salam Network Operations Center (NOC)

Ensuring 99.99% network availability

  • The nerve center of our operations
  • Highly qualified, highly trained service professionals providing a level of 24/7 support widely admired in the industry
  • Maintains network security
  • Spots and corrects problems even before they happen