Different Level of Excitement

Different Level of Excitement

Gamer support

Dedicated Customer Care

Technical support

Gamer router

Top of the line router

Unprecedented stability

Gamer upload

Upload up to

200 Mbps

Gamer download

Download up to

500 Mbps


Gamers Pack


400 SAR

  • Download Speed: Up to 500 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: Up to 200 Mbps
  • Monthly Data Allowance: Unlimited
  • Package Card

G4M3R_PCK (Salam Fiber 500 Mbps) is a new postpaid package that offers a unique and different level of experience for gamers. The package provides high internet speed over a fiber network, lower ping, and a complimentary Nighthawk NetGear XR1000 gaming router.


The NetGear XR1000 router is built for every gamer, providing unbelievable speed, lower latency, and smoother streaming to your PCs, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles by leveraging all the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 so nothing gets in the way of your victories.

Free device https://salam.sa/marketing-mangmentجهاز الراوتر NetGear

Lower Latency

G4M3R_PCK offers the NetGear XR1000, a router that is powered by the Duma Operating System, which helps in reducing ping rates by 93%, leading to faster, lag-free online gaming and smoother streaming.


Download / Upload Speeds

Salam G4M3R_PCK subscribers will enjoy a high download speed up to 500Mbps and a special upload speed of up to 200Mbps.


Dedicated Customer Care

Subscribers to G4M3R_PCK will have access to a dedicated customer support service. Calling our toll-free number will direct them to a specialized team, fully aware and understanding the specific gaming concerns and issues, prepared to solve any issues they face.


YouTube Premium

Salam G4M3R_PCK subscribers will receive a monthly code that gives them a free subscription to YouTube premium.

Click here to see how to activate a YouTube premium subscription.


Yes, Customers will pay one month MRC (SAR 400) as security deposit and will be settled within the first four paid bills. 

If you damaged your router, you will have to pay 660 SAR to replace it with a new one.

When you subscribe to Salam G4M3R_PCK, you will receive a monthly SMS with a YouTube Premium subscription code. You can then visit YouTube and redeem this code.

You can connect through a LAN cable or via WiFi. However, we highly recommend you use an ethernet cable to ensure the optimal gaming experience. Salam will provide you with a free 15m LAN cable to ease this process.

If the router is not working due to manufacturing defect or fault, Salam will replace the router with a new one free of charge.

The Salam installation team are ready to help install NetGear XR1000 router for you.

No, Salam G4M3R_PCK is only available for postpaid customers.

The NetGear XR1000 warranty period is 2 years; customer can contact directly with NetGear toll-free “800 811 037 2” or https://www.netgear.com/support/

Boost your gaming experience and win every game.

Salam سلام

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