Complaint Processing Procedures

How it works!

  • All Salam customers (individual or business sectors) are able to file a complaint about the services provided to them.
  • Filing complaints are available through the below channels:
  • Contact customer service at 8005000000
  • Fill in the complaint form at
  • Instant Messaging via the company's website
  • Visit a branch of the company
  • Communication through social networking sites
  • After submitting the complaint, the customer will be informed that a complaint is filed and will receive a reference number through a text message or e-mail with the expected time to solve the complaint.
  • The estimated time to solve all complaints will not exceed five days.
  • If the complaint is not solved within five days, the Company will inform the customer by text message or e-mail with the reason of delay and provide another time to solve the complaint.

Salam سلام

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