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With Salam 5G Business Wireless Internet (BWI)

5G Business Wireless Internet

In an increasingly competitive world, high-speed internet and connectivity are the fuels that drive and aid businesses.

Salam's 5G Business Wireless Internet serves and meets all business connectivity needs with a fast 5G wireless network that can significantly reduce latency and handle massive volumes of data. Salam will provide you with high-speed internet via 5G while also ensuring the continuity of your business.

Experience the internet with no limitations with 5G Business Wireless Internet now!

Salam 5G Network provides ultra-high-speed broadband Internet via a wireless network.

Customers can select between two internet speeds: 100 and 240 Mbps.

Customers will be provided with DDoS (Denial of Service) protection for their Internet subscription.

Free indoor Wi-Fi is available for your business with a Wi-Fi Router equipped with a 5G BWI connection.

No installation fees.

Highly competitive prices.

Unlimited download and upload. (without Fair Usage Policy or fixed quota).

Harness the power of 5G with what best suits your business needs, as faster speeds mean more business advantages and opportunities.

Packages Details

402.5 /SAR

Speed 100 Mbps

Upload up to 25 Mbps

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517.5 /SAR

Speed 240 Mbps

Upload up to 60 Mbps

Setup Free

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999 /SAR

Speed 500 Mbps

Setup Free

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* The above prices include 15% VAT.

Terms & Conditions


4 – 6 Days

Yes, one-year contract should be signed by the customer.

This Will be on monthly basis, Based on the selected package.

The customer can easily upgrade or downgrade through his account manager or through Salam call center 8005000000

The installation is free when the customer commits to a one-year contract

100 Mbps And 240 Mbps

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