Salam Fiber Internet

Entertainment has no limits

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Orbit Family Pack

No matter how many hours you stream

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High Speed and Stability at your Home

High Speed and Stability at your Home

With faster speeds you can not only enjoy streaming TV shows, online gaming, and downloading pictures and movies, but there’s also the benefit of working from home, video chat, downloading the latest software updates and much more. In short, faster internet speeds means multitasking your personal and professional tasks just got a whole lot easier and efficient

Fiber Postpaid

Enjoy a high speed internet at your home with no interruption.

Salam 5G FWA

To communicate endlessly with the latest and most advanced fifth generation technology

Gamers Pack

Different level of Gameplay with G4M3R_PCK Up to 500 Mbps

Salam 5G FWA

5G is the fifth and newest generation of data technology that delivers higher speeds, better reliability, low latency, high bandwidth, and massive network capacity. This higher performance and improved efficiency that 5G technology offers empower user experience.

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Salam 5G FWA

Salam سلام

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