FAQs – (New Customers Only)

New customers will be given free vouchers during the offer period. The offer is for all new customers/subscribers to prepaid and postpaid packages.

Type 100 Mbps 240 Mbps 500 Mbps 1000 Mbps
Postpaid 290 SAR 360 SAR 700 SAR 1000 SAR
Prepaid 3 Months 350 SAR 500 SAR 770 SAR N/A
Prepaid 6 Months 500 SAR 650 SAR 850 SAR 1200 SAR
Prepaid 12 Months 700 SAR 800 SAR 1000 SAR 1350 SAR

All areas

All new customers

No, existing customers will not get this offer and whoever cancels his/her subscription and then re-subscribes will get the package without the promotional offer.

No, this offer is only for new customers.

The customer will receive an SMS after activating the service which states that he/she is entitled to a free code. customer can use the code during one month from date of receiving the code. To obtain the code customer must click on the link found in the SMS and enter the password he will receive. Once this is done, the customer will receive the voucher number.

The promotional offer will expire on 18/3/2023

After the customer receives the voucher, he/she installs the YouGotaGift App and then applies the following steps:
1. Download the YouGotaGift.com application from Play store/App store, Install and register with your email address.
2. Go to Gift Wallet and upload the gift code onto the application.
3. Select the gift card on the wallet and choose "Spend this eGift card".
4. Choose a retailer of your choice.
5. Select an amount to spend at store and click "Create Gift"
6. Present the retailer specific voucher at the store/online for redemption.

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