Salam Postpaid FAQ?

Salam Fiber postpaid is a subscription method where Salam Fiber customers pay a monthly subscription fee (on the 28th of every month).

Salam will calculate your first payment on a prorated basis based on the number of days you used the service from the date your service was activated to the next billing date. For example, if you activate your service on January 15, you will be charged for the period between January 15 to 28.

Yes, There is a security deposit to be paid by all new customers, and it will be deducted from the first four bills.

You can pay your bills through:

  • Salam e-Care website (e-care).
  • SADAD Payments using your bank account.
  • Auto-debit authorization on pre-registered credit or Mada cards.

No, you cannot subscribe to the Salam postpaid service until your previous pending payments are settled. Instead, you can get the prepaid service.

Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade your Salam Fiber postpaid subscription without any extra fees.

Your Internet connection will continue for 25 days after issuing the bill. It will be disconnected if not paid within this period.

No, subscribers can have only one landline number.

You can view your FREE minutes on the Salam self-care website at https://e-care.salam.sa/

You can contact customer care to terminate your contract at any time. If you cancelled before the end of the commitment period, a penalty amount for the remaining months will be included in your next billing cycle.

The table below shows the cancelation fee for each month:

Commitment 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Penalty 1,560 1,430 1,300 1,170 1,040 910 780 650 520 390 260 130

No, the numbers are assigned automatically by the system.

No. A Salam landline does not require any extra or separate connections. You can use your Salam Fiber router (ONT) Tel 1 port for landline connectivity.

Just connect your analog phone to your Salam Fiber router (ONT) Tel 1 port and start dialing.

Yes, your Salam landline supports international calls. We offer the best rates for international calls (calls are charged per 30 seconds).

Yes, you can enjoy unlimited free minutes on Salam network “On-net”

Lock Call Facility: *33*
Unlock Call Facility: #33*
Lock and Unlock Call Facility Control Enquiry: *#33#

Always: to activate *72 – to deactivate *73
Busy: to activate *90 – to deactivate *91
No Answer: to activate *92 – to deactivate *93

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