General FAQs

SALAM will charge customer the penalty which is mentioned in the customer contract for remaining period of the contract.

To change your payment method, just make sure your service is active and not suspended. No other conditions are required.

You can change your subscription plan through any of the channels below:
Salam Self-Care Portal (https://e-care.salam.sa/).
Salam Customer Care 800 500 0000

Yes, you may upgrade and downgrade your Salam Fiber Internet as you wish without any extra fees.

Yes, you can still subscribe to Salam Fiber even if the ODB comes from another operator. However, this will not include voice service or free minutes. Our sales representative will contact you once Salam service is available in your location.

There are no fees whatsoever. Your router, as well as installation and activation, are free of charge.

After your sales order is submitted, the technical team will visit you to install and activate your Internet connection within two (2) business days if your location is within the Salam coverage area, or within five (5) business days if your location is not in the Salam coverage area.

Yes, you can freeze your subscription up to 12 consecutive months for SR 57.50 each month including VAT. To freeze your subscription, call Salam customer care toll-free on 800 500 0000 or visit our self-care portal (https://e-care.salam.sa/).

Your Salam Fiber Internet service will be automatically activated once your freeze period is over.

Service transfer fee SAR 707.25 inclusive of VAT and the amount will be added to the next total invoice

Even if your new location is not in an area covered by Salam, Salam will continue to provide your Fiber Internet service through Open Access using other operator networks.

In the event your device is damaged, our team will visit and assess the damage. If the damage was due to misuse, installation of a new device will be charged SR 759 including VAT.

Yes, the commitment period will be determined according to the subscription period.

Salam سلام

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