Open Access FAQ?

Open access allow you as an internet user to select any internet provider available in the Kingdom without any limitation to your service or location

Yes, you can contact Salam contact center & the will support you with opening a lead order.

Unfortunately, Due to the pending payment your new provider will not be able to sell you his service.

Unfortunately, As per CITC Rules Yes your service will be interrupted for 5 Days until the new service is installed.

Unfortunately, due to the current port capacity available in commercial ODB Operators are not able to support multiple ports.

Yes, if your ODB has multiple free ports ( ODB : Is the BOX installed in front of the customer House ).

Yes , you can contact us to get the service through the below channels:

  • Direct Sales
  • Website
  • Self care portal
  • Mobile Application

As per CITC guide line Salam will deliver the service within 5 Business day from signing the sales order.

No, new devices will be installed for your new service.

2 Devices will be installed in your house the 1st Device will be the ONT ( Router ) & HAG ( WIFI Service ).

  • The First Device that will be installed ( ONT ) will be responsible for providing you with the Internet connectivity
  • The Second device installed (HAG ) will be providing your house with the WIFI service

The team that will visit your house will install the 2 device in a maximum time of 1 hour if no issues are found in your service connectivity.

You can directly contact your new service provider via all communications channels mentioned below:

  • Customer care
  • Self-care
  • Mobile App

Your new internet provider will be responsible supporting all your request.

Your service will automatically be activated once the service is installed and approved from your side.

No, your service installation and activation are for free. However, you should pay your first payment through our Salam sales Team POS Machine.

You can easily pay your monthly subscription via the below channels offered by Salam:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card

SPEED PRICE (excluding 15% VAT) Commitment Penalty
100 Mbps 265 SR / Monthly 12 Month 1,560 SR
240 Mbps 330 SR / Monthly 12 Month 1,560 SR
500 Mbps 999 SR / Monthly 12 Month 1,560 SR

You can simply change your payment methods via the below options:

  • Self-care
  • Mobile App
  • Customer care

You can upgrade or Downgrade your service speed through the below channels:

  • Self-care
  • Mobile App
  • Customer care

No, you can downgrade your internet speed free of charge

No penalties shall be applied on you speed upgrade.

Yes, you can freeze you service up to 6 consecutive months with the price of 53 SR for every month.

You can open a relocation ticket via the below channels:

  • Self-care
  • Mobile App
  • Customer care

Yes, you can. Your new relocation order will require 5 day to be done as per CITC rules.

Yes, you will have to pay the amount of 630 SR.

For Damaged devices our teams will visit you to analyze the damage done to you device & if the damage is caused by your In case of Misuse, then you will have to pay 660 SR as a penalty & once you payed the new device shall be installed

You can contact Customer Care to terminate your contract at any given time through the below channel, Penalties shall be applied before your contract is terminated.

Contract period 12 M 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Penalty (SR) 130 260 390 520 650 780 910 1,040 1,170 1,300 1,430 1,560

You can terminate your service without any penalties.

To prevent fraud, don’t comply with anyone’s request to share your verification codes via SMS or calls.