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“Salam” announces the completion of the sale of all its fiber optic assets to the Telecommunications Technology Linkage Services Company “TLS” and its acquisition of 60%.

Integrated Telecom Company (Salam), which is licensed to provide fixed telecommunications services with infrastructure, announces the completion of all stages of the sale of the entire assets of its fiber optic network to Technical Links Services Company Limited (TLS), which is a Wholesale Infrastructure Service Provider licensed by Communications, Space, & Technology Commission (CST) and established by the company. Al-Mawarid Investment Limited as a limited liability company in 2020.

This announcement comes after CST approved the request of “Salam” to sell all of the fiber optic assets of its infrastructure to (TLS), as well as the approval of the request of (Salam) to acquire a percentage of the ownership of  (TLS) amounted to 60%.

(TLS) will be the owner of the fiber optic infrastructure assets and a service provider for wholesale services, which will contribute to enabling all other service providers and researchers to benefit from the company’s infrastructure for the fiber optic network in the Kingdom.

Salam سلام

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