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Salam Receives Two Awards At The Global Brand Awards 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 11 Dec 2022: Salam has been named as the Fastest Growing Saudi Telecommunications Brand and the Most Innovative Saudi Telecommunications Brand of the Year at the 2022 10th Global Brand Awards in Dubai, in recognition of Salam’s exceptional performance in the Kingdom’s ICT sector.

Alongside leading companies from around the world, Salam was one of the only two Saudi telecom providers and one of a select few from the Middle East to be awarded since 2018. This highlights Salam’s hard work to deliver a unique, bold and experience-led presence in a market dominated by established giants.

Salam’s innovative phygital approach combining experience-filled physical and digital retail spaces, coupled with a growing choice of curated digital solutions, are elevating traditional telco offerings into managed digital experiences that set customers free to experience emerging digital lifestyles without limits.


The awards demonstrate Salam’s commitment to being an industry-leading provider which is proudly enabling the Kingdom’s digital transformation journey towards achieving the Saudi Vision 2030 goals. 

Salam سلام

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