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ITC is the Best Telecom in Handling Customers Complaints

According to the Index of Telecommunications Service Providers Classification issued by CITC for Q1 of 2020, Integrated Telecom Company (ITC) was ranked as the best telecom company in Saudi Arabia with regards to the number of complaints escalated to CITC to the total number of complaints made about ITC services.; the number of resolved complaints was 333 complaints for every 100,000 subscribers. ITC is always looking to reduce the number of complaints by ensuring to provide internet services that fits customers’ needs with the highest quality and the best cost. 

Moreover, ITC expanded its Zooom Fiber internet services everywhere by using other operator’s network infrastructure. This comes as part of the Open Access initiative launched by CITC to encourage operators to share their infrastructure, in order to increase broadband subscriptions and improving service quality and consumer experience. ITC will offer variety of internet speeds from 100 Mbps, 240 Mbps, to 500 Mbps to meet customer needs and will assure speed, stability and customer satisfaction. 

Salam سلام

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