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ITC wins third Mobile Virtual Communication Network (MVNO) license


Riyadh: February 07, 2021 - The Integrated Telecom Company obtained the license for the mobile virtual communication network (MVNO) operator, after completing all the technical and technical requirements and winning the competition presented by the Communications and Information Technology Commission, so that the company obtained the third virtual operator license in Saudi Arabia, which enhances its position The leader in the local telecommunications and information technology sector through its various products.


On this occasion, the CEO of Integrated Telecom Company, Engineer Osama bin Ibrahim Al-Dossary, thanked His Excellency the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, His Excellency the Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, and all employees of the Ministry and the Commission for their continuous efforts to develop the sector in the Kingdom, and work to provide excellent services in line with the requirements of Competitive environment in this important sector.

The CEO expressed his happiness and the IT team with this victory, which is considered a new step in the company's work process towards developing performance and level of innovation in its services in a way that enhances its competitiveness and its ability to meet the specific and changing requirements of its customers, stressing at the same time the company's commitment to continue its contribution to the transformation program. Digital by providing advanced communication services for the fifth generation networks, supported by high-level internet coverage, taking advantage of the support provided by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Communications and Information Technology Commission in the field of developing digital infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in line with the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

The new license allows the virtual operator to provide voice and mobile data services, as well as a number of other mobile communication services, such as: short text messages, voice mail, media services, and others, without requiring the virtual operator to own any towers or frequencies. The new license positively contributes to improving the user experience, raising the quality of services, and providing more additional options for users.

This will be reflected in the development of the sector, enhancing investment opportunities, stimulating competitiveness among service providers, in addition to stimulating innovation and creating new job opportunities in the sector's markets.

A recent report by Cisco expected that the flow of global mobile data will grow at an annual rate of about 55% during the period from 2020 to 2030, and what it constitutes as a catalyst factor for the further development of mobile communications networks to provide a good customer experience, will support the Integrated Telecom Company obtaining the new license in Giving a wider segment of customers the ability to access 5G networks with high quality, and a unique experience.

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