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Salam hails Red Sea International Film Festival success and extends its congratulations to the Saudi Ministry of Culture

Riyadh, KSA – Salam, a leading telecommunications company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has concluded its participation in the Red Sea International Film Festival, which was presented by the Ministry of Culture in Jeddah from 6-15 December. Once again held to support the Saudi film industry, enrich local cinematic content, and showcase the latest storytelling trends and emerging talent, this year’s third annual edition was a resounding success, welcoming movie stars, directors, artists, and media and film professionals from around the world for a grand celebration. Salam supported proceedings throughout the festival’s duration, providing integrated managed internet and connectivity services for guests through the latest Wi-Fi technology. 

In light of the 2021 Red Sea International Film Festival showcasing the Kingdom’s wider arts and culture sector to global audiences, Salam conveyed its congratulations to the Ministry of Culture and event organizers. Salam reserved particular praise for its contributions at the national level, particularly in the areas of development, transformation, and alignment with the Quality of Life Program. Under the Vision 2030 framework, the Program aims to improve quality of life for Saudi residents and visitors alike, something accelerated through the Festival’s profile, popularity, exposure, and engagement levels. 

From an internal standpoint, Salam added that the provision of essential internet and connectivity services at the Red Sea International Film Festival stems from its pioneering role in nationwide communications, IT, and innovative digital services development. The company pointed out that all major international events hosted in the Kingdom require these same services, which proved to be influential in showcasing newly released and upcoming films, presenting world-class audio-visual artworks that defy the norm, and converging reality with imagination. 

As a leading telecommunications company, Salem provides the best next-generation communications and information technology solutions for interconnection, cloud computing, managed services, security services, and Internet services for government, corporate, and individual sectors across the Kingdom. Salam’s remit also includes helping companies from every vertical become smarter and more digitally integrated and secure through its expertise, experience, and resources. 

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