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ITC Launches Azure Stack Services from Their Data Center


Integrated Telecom Company (ITC), a leader in telecom and ICT services has launched Microsoft Azure Stack in Saudi Arabia. Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud based computing software solution, developed to help companies build their own environment using the same tools and solutions as that of Microsoft Azure public cloud. 

With Microsoft Azure Stack platform, ITC will help organizations implement the same capabilities that Azure public cloud offers, within ITC’s data center inside the Kingdom. It is also the safest way to have security and control over businesses’ critical data. And with the option of scalability, resources can be increased as per businesses’ needs and demand. ITC provides a full spectrum of Deployment Planning Services for Microsoft Azure Stack Cloud Service.

This service is in addition to the Microsoft Azure Express Route service where ITC provides a direct international link from KSA to the Azure Data Centers globally.

The CCO of ITC , Mr. Radwan Al-Mufleh said that "Microsoft Azure Stack is one of the most essential cloud-based services provided by the company to help its clients experience the benefits of Microsoft cloud with the flexibility and control they need. ITC also provides direct dedicated links to MS Data Centers outside KSA”.

ITC works with a number of leading specialist technical companies to provide telecom solutions, managed services, security services, cloud computing services and connectivity to government, banking and business sectors, making it one of the leading providers of telecommunications and ICT services in the Kingdom.

About ITC

Integrated Telecom Company (ITC) is a leading telecom services provider offering latest solutions of broadband, next-gen ICT, managed security, managed services, internet and connectivity to public, private and consumers sectors. ITC has maintained its technological pace progressively as one of the most reliable telecoms that earned the confidence and trust of most government and semi-government sectors and private sectors from financial groups, large organizations, major oil and gas companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

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