Fiber Home Internet

Founding Day Offer

Get a discount on your first 3 bills on Salam Fiber 300

Salam 100

180 SAR / Monthly

salam postpaid Up to 100 Mbps
salam postpaid Up to 25 Mbps
salam postpaid Free

Landline Setup Fee Free

Landline Monthly Fee Free

Vanity Landline Number Normal

On-net Landline Free Minutes Unlimited

Off-Net Landline Free Minutes 100

Mobile Free Minutes 100

Dedicated Customer Care N/A

Wi-Fi Extender N/A


Package Card

Salam Fiber Fixed Voice service & free minutes are only available in supported areas.

The 1000 Mbps package will be activated in supported areas.

Terms and Conditions applied for Salam Fiber 100.

Including calls to 9200 numbers.

The above prices are for new customers & include 15% VAT.

The actual upload speeds are available in supported areas.

Terms and Conditions Applied.

Terms & Conditions

Salam سلام

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